FICE Publishing is back!


FICE is back into publishing!

We are expecting to publish the first of a series of FICE-International books in April 2007 in partnership with Trentham Books. Because so many FICE members are involved in extrafamilial care, that will be the subject of the first book, being prepared under the title :


– international perspectives

Edited by Friedhelm Peters

Part One discusses policies, theory and societal developments  and Part Two describes professional developments, special projects or concrete initiatives in child care. There are contributions from Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands and Slovenia. The Contents are attached.

This book is essential reading for everyone who works directly with children and young people who require care outside their families. It will also be of value to their managers, and to lecturers and researchers, inspectors, government and NGO officials and others concerned about the care of children.

ISBN 978 1 85856 409 8                    184 pages  234 x 156mm            Price £17.99

And there will be more!

It is intended that this will be the first of a series of books, and additional themes are being planned. Contributions will be welcomed from FICE members and contacts. The books will be published in English.

FICE will be 60 in 2008!

A History of FICE was published for its 40th Anniversary, and a revised and updated History is being prepared, for publication at the Helsinki Congress in 2008.

What to do next

If you are interested in being notified of these publications when they come out, please give your email address below and reply to .


Email address……………………………………………….

F. Peters (ed)

Residential Care and its Alternatives: International Perspectives


Foreword: FICE

David Lane


List of Contributors

1        Introduction: residential care and its alternatives: Professional approaches in a discursive field

Friedhelm Peters

Policy-related strategies on child and youth care

2        Residential child care in European countries: Recent trends

Wolfgang Trede

Residential communities as a secure base

Keith White

3        The contribution of the UK to child care policy, practice and research

Roger Bullock

4        Structural dynamics in society and innovations in the German residential care system

Peter Hansbauer

5        Transforming government services for children

James Anglin

Professional and research perspectives on a changing world of residential child

and youth care

7    Professionalisation of child and youth care practice: The professionalisation of

social pedagogy from practice to theory and back to practice

Bojan Dekleva and Alenka Kobolt

8        The rehabilitation process for children and the role which the family plays

Kaija Klap

9        Preservation and rehabilitation of family relationships among children placed in

residential care

Emmanuel Grupper and Irit Mero-Jaffe

10    Participation of children and youth in residential care as a matter of quality: Insights

into the results of a practice development project

Mechthild Wolff

11    The care system for homeless youth in the Netherlands: Perspectives of youngsters

through a peer research approach

Marc Noom and Micha de Winter

Email to FICE National Sections : February 2007

From FICE-Inter Editorial Board

Dear Colleague,

The first FICE-Inter publication for some time is due out in April 2007, a book on Residential Child Care and its Alternatives. The Contents are attached.

FICE is committed to purchase a number of copies, which are available to FICE National Sections at a reduced price of £10.79 (as against a full price of £17.99). It will be possible for these copies to be sent directly in bulk to FICE National Sections for a modest charge. I would therefore be grateful if you could email me to let me know :

(a)        the number of copies which your National Section wishes to buy,

(b)       the address to which the copies should be sent, and

(c)        the contact person in case of queries.

I am also attaching a flyer, and I would be grateful if you could circulate it to all members, so that we can build a data base of email addresses of people who wish to be informed about FICE-Inter publications.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

David C. Lane

Chair, FICE-Inter Editorial Board

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