FICE congresses 2008 in Helsinki (F) and 2010 in CapeTown (South-Africa)


Better Future for Children – Today

FICE 2008 Congress in Helsinki Finland, June 11-13th 2008

Congress – 60 Years of International Cooperation for Children in Care 

All plenary and working session presentations received are now available for download.

» Plenary Presentations

» Working Session A on Wednesday June 11th

» Working Session B on Wednesday June 11th

» Working Session C on Thursday June 12th

FICE SOUTH AFRICA is pleased to be organizing the 31st FICE International Congress for the first time on the African continent in Cape Town, South Africa in December 2010. The theme of the FICE 2010 Congress „Celebrating the courage to care in a diverse world“ speaks to the increasing challenges experienced globally in providing appropriate services to children, youth and families in the very diverse contexts in which FICE member countries operate. 600 adult and youth delegates from across the world will join in the FICE Congress 2010 seeking innovation in caring for children. Registration details will be made available early 2009. 

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