FICE-inter Newsletter - 2-2007




The European Youth Centre, Budapest was the venue for the spring meeting of FICE-Inter from the 9th to 13th May 2007. The dates might, in future years, be regarded as important ones in the development and the future of FICE-Inter. The President thanked FICE Hungary for the arrangements made for the meetings.

FICE-Inter Website The CF had a verbal report on the development of the revised website. It was stressed that FICE-Inter needed to get updated material so that the communication list could be updated.

Congress 2008 The Helsinki Congress for 2008, which will be from 10th – 13th June. It is hoped that Quality for Children will be a major element of the Congress. There is to be a young people’s congress from the 8th to 13th June with registration before 30th November and it is planned that there will mutual presentations between the two congresses. The overall theme for the Congress is ‘A better Future for Children – Today.’ This will be based on the Congress themes of: Quality – policy issues – best practices, Future trends affecting child welfare and Past – present – future. We hope to have 300 participants and an early-bird fee will be 400 Euros. Accommodation prices will range from 53 to 213 Euros. Most information will be on the web rather than by flyer or brochure. Deadline for abstracts is to be 15th February with the early bird fee to be by 28th February.

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FICE-Inter Newsletter - 1 - 2007


Meet Monika – President of FICE International

Monika Niederle was unanimously elected as International President of FICE at the Federal Council meeting in Sarajevo in September 2006.

The year 2003 was an important one for Monika for it was in that year she became Head of the Department for Youth at the Viennese Youth Welfare Office, which deals with boys aged 14 to 18 and she also became President of FICE-Austria, reviving the National Section, which at one time had been highly active, playing a key role in FICE-International, but which had now become dormant.


Monika believes in building on the strengths of the past, but she wants to see FICE evolve and develop. Some of her ideas are organisational, reshaping FICE to fulfil its potential. Others are projects which she would like to see FICE take up.

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