Better Care Network (March 2020) Child Welfare and Pandemics Literature Scan

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This literature scan identifies and synthesizes existing literature examining the effects of pandemics and the identification of policy solutions to mitigate their effects on a well defined group of Canada’s population—children in the care of Canada’s child welfare system. This particular segment of Canada’s population warrants attention for several reasons. First, compared to other developed countries, Canada has an exceptionally high rate of children in care. Second, considered to be among Canada’s most vulnerable population, children in care either have no parents or for a number of different reasons—socioeconomic circumstances, behavioural issues, abuse, family conflict, neglect or parental incompetence—are taken from their parents by the child welfare system or courts. Third, pandemics can significantly limit the capacity of public agencies to operate and provide services and supports to populations during a period of heightened demand and uncertainty. It is especially important for child welfare agencies responsible for vulnerable populations such as abused and neglected children to ensure continuity of care during this period. -->