70 years of FICE - anniversary meeting in Pestalozzi Kinderdorf Trogen (CH)

Der internationale Verband FICE wurde 1948 im Pestalozzi Kinderdorf in Trogen (CH) gegründet. Aus Anlass des 70jährigen Bestehens kehrte die FICE Anfang April an diesen geschichtsträchtigen Ort zurück um ihr 70jähriges Bestehen zu feiern und um über aktuelle Fragen der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe weltweit zu beraten.

FICE International - Stiftung Kinderdorf Pestalozzi,  Trogen - 3d to 5th April 2018

The event was organized on the occasion of the of 70th Anniversary of FICE International. It included celebration, regular FICE Federal Council, as well as Professional program. For this exciting gathering, we returned to Trogen - the place where FICE was founded 70 years ago with a mission to promote best quality standards and solutions in the field of child and youth care.  ANCES a.s.b.l., the national section of FICE, was represented by President Charel Schmit and board-members Honoré Grégorius and Pascale Marchal-Griveaud.

 The first day was about presentation, research and actions on how “Shaping High Quality Child and Youth Care”.

 The second day, we had the General Assembly of FICE Europe where we discussed the next steps, activities of FICE Europe Network and interesting actions throughout Europe.

 We also spend the day for the annual report of FICE International. All represented national sections from all the world explained its activities and actions. The topics discussed were about the presentation of the special situation of the board and decisions about further proceedings, short review of the FICE Europe anniversary in Esztergom, Hungary and feedback from the European Sections

 The organisation was perfect. We celebrated this joyful event with a group of around 50 persons during a wonderful night dinner served by Tipiti and young refugees.


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